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Secrets of Life

Start with a grounding before optionally advancing into Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E.) Foundational courses.

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D.A.R.E. Foundation 1&2

Learn about the influences of reincarnation and health plus protection, removing objects and veils we have encountered and collected previously. Learn 33 techniques.

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D.A.R.E. Foundation 3&4

Learn about trauma and emotional impacts on an energetic and cellular level. Discover techniques for negotiation and removal of attachments that alter people's behaviour, health and psychology.

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D.A.R.E. Specialist

Specialise in one or more specific topics you want to practice in, from Atlas regeneration to women's health and more.

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Diamond Inguz

Clear negativity from within yourself and learn to shine as your body realigns mentally, spiritually and physically.

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Open and receive the gifts of the Solar Chakras from the 15th going up to the 20th level (Opalescenceā„¢).

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The Omni Heart works with Galactic Consciousness. A high vibrational resonance. Step towards thriving instead of surviving.

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Atlantean New Kids

Atlantean New Kids is still a new concept to many. This course helps to complete the rebirthing process, allowing the individual to attain their souls goal of Ascension.

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Lotus Path

Zero Point is about understanding the percentage of negativity, improper or dark behaviour patterns and emotional influences we hold. Learn new ways of living and being, with ease and grace.

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Earth Work and Angel Day

Earth Work training to understand the earth and receive skills to be more practical in your daily interactions and helping to clear the planet. Angel Day training provides celestial connections to awaken the Three Fold Flame; this will awaken deeply buried memories of Human/Angelic agendas.

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Global Reach

Global Reach events may be run once or twice a year in locations around the world. Training in DILH and Opalescence is required.

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