D.A.R.E Foundation Training in Cheltenham was full of surprises and light bulb moments. 8 Days of revelation, new Skills and clearing the self of inherited influences. The benefits of this amazing training is experential, some students were amazed at the depth of techniques and how they were able to apply straight away to help themselves. 

Pushing our buttons to ignite the hidden aspects of ourselves and re commissioning ourselves to receive a new tone from the Universe.

Power of 3

The LiGHt Healing Programme to 5D Unity Consciousness

Inspirational, Transformational and RECREATIONAL
July, September and November 2018 Leeds

Energies of July are focused on the Feminine energy of Creation

Being an empath is a special gift.  It means we are compassionate and aware of others feelings and distress. Seen as an excellent tool, however some see this gift as a dilution and curse to their life.   The gifts of an Empath are many and I come across gentle souls who are overwhelmed and out of kilter due to their gifts.