Did you know we can go into a frozen zone when we are in Post Traumatic Stress / Post Natal Depression. Indeed Joy’s quest with Dissolve & Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) has found that trauma can also keep us in an inappropriate age bracket – we don’t grow up! 

Summer 2014 – A woman practitioner, attended one of the DARE Intermediate levels - Women’s Health & Birth Trauma, (a large agenda looking at many aspects of birth and consequences of trauma, little understood or talked about) a DARE practitioners training over 8-days. She had shown signs of immaturity since I had met her. During the course and DARE session investigations we looked at the impacts from PTS/PND. One of which was immaturity – locked into an age zone that we don’t mature from. Essentially when tragedy strikes we get entrapped into a zone, child and adult – I would compare to the late Michael Jackson. A very talented man with a child’s maturity and innocence!

November was busier than ever with the launch of an additional module to the Allonus Light Healing Programme. OMNI Heart opening was a warp speed-healing module that connects to deeper aspects of the HEART.

A really exciting addition with so many gifts and tools to live life via Solar Living.

Be Inspired

Make more of an impact upon peoples lives.  We need to go back to basics and the womb to do that, an area that is not investigated, talked about or dealt with.

For nearly two decades, I have been seeing people in session, training practitioners, therapists and healers; individuals of all ages, including children and babies and have found many emotional aspects that are driving us to distraction, resulting in psychological and chronic illness. A complex and often absorbed cocktail that affects us without consciousness knowing.   Hidden and blind to the true facts of life impacts we carry. Lets take one example- Fear.

Lineages and cultures have passed down through the ages – some good…. Some not so good. Created by others in action in us TODAY….

Emotions shape us psychologically; creates our living world. Emotions will narrow or expand our vision and perception of life, it will limit or cap accordingly. Limits, caps our abundance; impacts our health and forms our mindsets.

Our objectives, likes and dislikes are shaped via family lineage and culture. Taking on their beliefs and conditioning giving us interpretations of life from the womb forming memories and impacts for us to live while in Utero.

I was blessed and honoured when Quan Yin showed me the energy of Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing in 2008.  She also gave me the energy of Opalescence the intermediate stage of development in 2007. When I received the essence of Opalescence I was bowled over and Quan Yin told me it ‘would be the highest healing on the planet’.  

I replied that I could not use Opalescence. If I taught this I would blow the circuits of Lightworkers who this healing was created for.  Quan Yin told me it was to get our people back to their real base living.