This blog is a snapshot of an article recently published in More to Life. Reproduced here with permission.

Article MTL Dance In Slippers

Article MTL Dance In Slippers

SECRETS of LIFE – Self Discovery with a twist. Advanced Learning for Aquarian Age.

6-days of wonderment and new discovery. The Biggest SECRET is you - So Secret we don’t know what we are doing in LIFE!

Stuck in the status quo of culture and family? What did your parents and lineage pass on to you? Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA).

Embrace LOVE energy to new heights with a UNIQUE NEW Programme - Allonus LiGHt Healing. Did you know we had x 3 Heart Chakras? In this programme we open all 3. Foundation level opens the SACRED HeARt; Intermediate opens the Cosmic HeARt. Receive Solar enhancement, opening new Solar pathways for enlightenment and NEW daily living enhancements: Heal the HEART from wounds and scars received. Eliminate inherited Trauma, being liberated from old ways.

Newsletter Spring 2017

We have stepped up a gear in our evolution in 2017: A lot of purging went on over the Christmas period with many people having to take to their beds missing the festivities, those who missed over Christmas succumbed as we went into the New Year. Flawed I believe is the only word to describe the level of clearing that went on.

As we enter the spring there is another shift upwards to change consciousness and enhance energetics.

New advancement for the HeARt Chakras - opening the SACRED HeARt !

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing enhances Heart Essence: improves the balance and ratio, rhythm and pulse of the Heart Chakra. Opening the Sacred Heart (second Heart Chakra) is a gift of DILH allowing us to connect to the celestial or human angel aspects, the true essence of us.

As our consciousness expands in the higher frequencies of LiGHt we were receiving altering and enhancing our energetic structure. The Energetic function needed support to accommodate the changes.   With the changes of frequency is allowing reactivation or literal rewiring of our Auric fields, especially hitting the emotional and mental bodies: Emotional 1-3 inches from the physical and mental body 3-8inches from our physical bodies.  A subtle process which would be unique for each individual. Pushing us to link and connect to our Heart chakra and our especially our Sacred Heart (otherwise known in some circles as our higher chakra) the interface between the physical and non-physical aspect of ourselves.