A drive to promote incentives for more women to breast feed has been announced, they include paying mothers to try the natural way.


Intuition is more well-known in Eastern traditions used in Yoga inner awareness and Marshall arts. In the West, we are still on a path of full awakening to the knowledge of 6th senses, as not tangible, nor understood by many. Often described as gut instinct, or body language. The effects of intuition can be felt physically, such as butterflies and/or dread in the gut.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image – Facts and Solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA). By Joy Wisdom 

Ground-breaking factual exploration as to how we behave, why we live mental health issues, how clinical conversion and utero is involved. Subconscious drives hidden aspects happening to us daily. Packed with case studies and a New Therapy solution.

Avoid Christmas stress

We can become overwhelmed with the addition of fitting in Christmas planning and arrangements to an already full life. Going to bed late and/or up early to fit in the extra shopping, cleaning, card writing and wrapping that is squeezed into our busy days.

Ditch it Don’t Live it !

by Joy Wisdom


Mindfulness is a popular concept in modern times

Amazing to hear Breakfast news announcing Parliament holding a mindfulness gathering. Explained as meditation and breathing.

How far from the reality and truth of mindfulness.   I consider this a small passive element of mindfulness. Why do we keep diluting the real concept?