Being an empath is a special gift.  It means we are compassionate and aware of others feelings and distress. Seen as an excellent tool, however some see this gift as a dilution and curse to their life.   The gifts of an Empath are many and I come across gentle souls who are overwhelmed and out of kilter due to their gifts.


Home is where the HeART is, but where is your heart. What does home mean to each of us.

During April 2018 there were two acts of abuse reported in our media

The first was a four-year old who had been gang raped and then killed in India. The men were arrested, and riots followed.  A natural reaction you would think, as a child has been horribly molested and murdered.

I would like to applaud and congratulate Dr. Chris and Raw TV who made the BBC programme shown last night on drugs and children’s health. A subject I am passionate about. Thank goodness someone has the initiative to bring this to the public domain.